Angel Rivera Spanked Again – Poetry Style

Angel Rivera in a baseball cap and fully clothed ready to be spanked

Sultry dark-haired Latino twink Angel Rivera sure likes being spanked. Here’s some pics of him getting his perfect ass tanned after he gets caught using a bong in the Helix Mansion – and a poem describing the action.

Angel Rivera fully clothed in a baseball cap leaning over a chair about to be spanked with a wooden paddle

In jeans, a t-shirt and baseball cap
Angel’s about ready for a slap
He hopes it won’t (or will?) take long
Perhaps he shouldn’t use that bong

Angel Rivera wearing just underwear pulled up into a wedgie

Now clothes are off and briefs in wedgie
Angel’s tastes don’t run to veggie
He likes guys’ meat, that much we know
As his pert ass begins to glow

Close up on Angel Rivera's red ass

Now Angel’s nude and feeling glum
He’s smarting now from his red bum
He wonders how long it will be
(Although he loves it, secretly)

Angel Rivera straddles a chair being spanked with a wooden paddle

It’s a blue chair he starts to straddle
As Angel’s ass meets wooden paddle
His puppy eyes look all forlorn
Which certainly gives me the horn

Angel Rivera about to be spanked with a leather belt

Now Angel’s going to face the belt
It’s sting before he’s often felt
And though he’s been there quite a while
It’s snap will always make him smile

Angel Rivera grimaces as the leather belt stings his red ass

A grimace now, as belt comes down
And Angel’s smile becomes a frown
I do think nothing can surpass
The sight of Angel’s fiery ass

Check out the super hot pics and vid of this Angel Rivera spanking scene here

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