Blast from the Past – An Older Photoshoot with Andy Taylor

Andy Taylor sucks Connor Kline's cock

Here’s some images – accompanied by some rhyming couplet poetry – from one of Andy Taylor’s early scenes.

We know twink superstar Andy Taylor nowadays mostly for his work with Helix Studios. But prior to working pretty much exclusively with them, he filmed several scenes for some other adult websites – including Guys In Sweatpants. Here’s some pics from one of his earliest scenes with them.

Connor Kline sucking Andy Taylor

Andy’s got shaved hair at the side of his head
Connor’s on his knees – no need for a bed

Andy Taylor being rimmed by Connor Kline

Andy’s on all fours with his ass getting rimmed
Connor’s tongue goes deep – he likes that Andy’s trimmed

Connor Kline fucks Andy Taylor doggy style

Better watch the sofa or it might end up soggy
Andy bites the seat as Connor gives it to him doggy

Andy Taylor sits on Connor Kline's dick reverse cowboy style

Here’s a fave of Andy’s which always makes him smile
He’s sitting down on Connor’s dick reverse cowboy style

Connor Kline fucks Andy Taylor's ass

And now we see a close-up of Connor’s thrusting dick
Plus Andy’s bubble buns, of course, from which we get a kick

Andy Taylor's asshole covered in Connor Kline's cum

Andy smiles to camera while showing off his bum
No wonder he’s so happy, his hole is full of cum

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