Celebrating Big Dicks on National Wiener Schnitzel Day!

Tyler Hill tasting a big wiener

As it’s National Wiener Schnitzel Day today, how better to celebrate than a selection of picks featuring big wieners! Check out the hot pics and descriptive rhyming couplets here.

Joey Mills on his knees sucking Blake Mitchell's big cock

Joey inhales a mouthful of Blake
He’ll soon be swallowing frothy milkshake

Logan Cross sucking a big dick

Logan’s got eyes closed in dreamy reflection
His tongue goes to work on his friend’s big erection

Corbin Colby fucks ass with his big dick

Corbin’s is bigger than all of the rest
With your legs in the air you’ll be put to the test

A big dick resting on a bubble butt

With a dick like this you’ll be happy to nut
As you tease and caress that hot twink bubble butt

Big dick in the bath

A cock that’s like this always seems mighty fine
Always a pleasure to get to bathtime

Troy Ryan big cock and cap

Some say that the perfect sized skin-colored bat
Is much more than a handful – long and fat

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