Cute Young Pup Taylor Coleman Gets Spanked – Twice

Taylor Coleman spanked by Max Carter

One of the recent fave young pups to emerge at 8teenboy – Taylor Coleman – has also started to develop a bit of a taste for being spanked, featuring in 2 recent spanking scenes at

Taylor Coleman paddled by Johnny Hands

First up, it was the turn of tall top stud Johnny Hands to get a taste of that delicious derriere.

Taylor Coleman spanked in underwear by Johnny Hands

Taking down his jeans to reveal a well-filled pair of boxers, Johnny wasted no time getting the leather paddle working on that fine ass.

Johnny Hands gives Taylor Coleman a hand spanking

Of course, it wasn’t long before the boxers were eased down, too, revealing Taylor’s flaming red butt cheeks which proved too much temptation for Johnny as he had to get his hands on them as well as the paddle.

Taylor Coleman naked being paddled by Johnny Hands

A fine sight to end this first spanking scene, with Johnny continuing to beat Taylor’s now naked ass with the leather paddle.

Taylor Coleman in underwear spanked by Max Carter

It seems Taylor developed something of a taste for being punished, as it wasn’t long before he was back at SpankThis submitting to Max Carter’s powerful hands.

Taylor Coleman naked being spanked by Max Carter

As previously, the underwear didn’t stay on long, as Max wanted to feel skin on skin for himself, slapping away at Taylor’s crimson colored behind.

Max Carter's hand print on Taylor Coleman's naked ass

Eventually leaving some nice red hand prints on Taylor’s peachy cheeks – just the way we like to see a twink being handled by a more dominant jock.

Don’t think it’ll be long before naughty Taylor’s back over someone else’s knee for more of the same!

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