Evan Parker and Andy Taylor – Works of Art

Evan Parker sucking Andy Taylor's dick

Evan and Andy are works of art, of course. And here’s my take on how an art critic might commentate on these 3 pics.

In the first image above we can clearly see a juxtaposition of the old world and the new. Where, in this case, the old world is represented by the two boys engaging in a perfectly natural activity as old as humanity itself. And the new world being represented rather cleverly by the open laptop in the foreground. The figurative narrative spatiality of the composition implies that Evan is literally sucking the life force out of his partner. While Andy’s relaxed posture – hand behind his head – indicates that he’s coming to terms with the duality inherent in the terms ‘suck’ and ‘blow’ – with Evan performing both of these actions at the same time in a transcendent loop of innocence and lust.

Andy Taylor in the reverse cowboy position being fucked by Evan Parker

Moving on to the second piece, now we have a representation of the dominant masculine figure – Evan – staking his claim on Andy’s most treasured possession – his ass – while at the same time giving us a playful nod to the idea of cyberspace encroaching on the lovers’ personal space, with another cheeky look at the laptop on the bed. The artist here has really given us a sense of how life can thrust itself into the most intimate of spaces. While the fact that Andy’s hair has obviously been left unfinished is a nod to the inexorable spirography that we all recognize as being a fundamental element of life itself.

Andy Taylor fucked doggy style by Evan Parker

And now the third piece in the triptych. This time our old master is almost baiting us with his throwaway reference to the digital medium that brought us here. The laptop is slyly hiding itself behind Andy’s taut frame, signifying the inevitable obeisance of technology to the primeval urges of two young men in the throes of passion – the only element of the laptop visible being the keyboard, representing its desire for a good fingering. Meanwhile, Andy’s acceptance of Evan’s throbbing member in the classic doggy position, is effectively an homage to the timeless beauty of portrait composition and animalistic twink sex.

Check out the pics and video for this Andy Taylor Evan Parker scene here

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