Evan Parker Spanks and Fucks Kurt Summers in Sex Dungeon

Evan Parker and Kurt Summers in a sex dungeon

A scene from the classic era of twink porn at Helix Studios, featuring studly top Evan Parker dominating cutie bottom Kurt Summers. Here’s some hot pics with rhyming couplets describing the action.

Kurt Summers tied to a spanking cross

Kurt ponders his fate as he’s tied to a cross
Whatever’s in store, he knows Evan’s the boss

Kurt Summers tied to a spanking cross being paddled by Evan Parker

Evan seems pissed and he won’t take no crap
As the paddle comes down with a thunderous slap

Close up on Kurt Summers' face as he grimaces while being spanked

With ass being beaten and starting to glow
Kurt’s face tells you all that you wanted to know

Evan’s all fired up and blowing his lid
As seen by the action in this steamy vid

Evan Parker standing as Kurt Summers kneels down and sucks his dick

Kurt gets a reprieve from being tied up
With cock in his mouth he’s taking a sup

Kurt Summers chained to a bench being fucked doggy style by Evan Parker

Kurt’s over the bench with his hand and feet chained
His facial expression betraying his pain

Kurt Summers on his back on a bench fucked by Evan Parker

But Kurt secretly loves it and that’s why he’s hard
As Evan continues to play his trump card

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