Evan Parker Tyler Hill Logan Cross Hot 3 Way

Evan Parker Tyler Hill and Logan Cross lying on the grass wearing sunglasses

Uber twink superstars Evan Parker, Tyler Hill and Logan Cross have a threesome – as might be described by someone with an eye for background detail.

Evan Parker, Tyler Hill and Logan Cross look to camera, shirtless

So here we can see a typical young guy’s apartment room. Brown furniture – including a chaise longue style sofa, plus a classic swivel armchair are complemented by a dark brown wood cabinet with books in it. There are some print posters on the wall, a couple of lamps and a light brown pouffe – on which appear to be a trio of shirtless young guys.

Logan Cross sucking Evan Parker's dick

Now we’ve got a different view and we can clearly see the picture in the background features the image of a bridge spanning a river in a large city somewhere. The carpet is a luxurious length wool in charcoal / grey. And we can spot a couple of large wooden letters attached to the wall – an ‘H’ and an ‘X’. 2 of the guys – Evan and Tyler – are now naked, while Logan still has his shorts on and Evan’s cock in his mouth.

Evan Parker fucks Tyler Hill on his back while Tyler licks Logan's dick

From this angle we can see the mantelpiece underneath the bridge picture.  It’s got 2 mini Statue of Liberty figurines on it, alongside several books placed horizontally, with a small clock balancing on the top. We can also now see there are more books in the dark brown cabinet off to the right, as well as a model motorbike. On the pouffe, Tyler lies on his back while Evan fucks him bareback. Tyler also has Logan’s cock in his mouth, as Logan reaches across to kiss Evan.

Tyler Hill fucks Logan cowboy style while Logan sucks Evan Parker's cock

A bit closer in on the mantelpiece now, we see there are also several books stood upright next to the ones that are horizontal. We can also now see a lower down shot of another lamp in the boarded-up fireplace, plus an indoor plant of some kind. Tyler is still on his back, but now Logan is resting his bubble butt onto Tyler’s condom-attired dick cowboy-style, while Evan stands up and thrusts his cock into Logan’s open mouth.

Evan Parker fucks Tyler Hill fucks Logan Cross

Our final shot gives us a good look at the scattered cushions on the sofa – one of which has an intriguing orange, grey and white geometric style pattern. There’s a further orange cushion being used as a headrest and we can see some cloths that have been used to spruce up the look of the place lying around, as well. Logan is the one resting his head as he lies on his back on the pouffe, while Evan cums in Tyler’s ass at the same time as Tyler fucks Logan in a threesome train.

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