Jesse Starr and Tommy Anders Spanked Together

Jesse Starr spanked naked OTK as Tommy Anders watches on

2 of Helix’s most popular ‘classic’ twink models – Tommy Anders and Jesse Starr – were both spanked in the same scene. Here’s an imagining of what Tommy might have been thinking while it happened.

Jesse Starr being spanked OTK wearing jeans

So there I am, minding my own business on the couch, with Jesse being annoying as usual. When suddenly Jeff comes in all angry about something he’s heard that Jesse had got up to earlier that day. Oops, looks like Jesse’s in for a spanking now.

Jesse Starr being spanked on the couch

Yep, sure enough. Jeff’s got mad and has taken Jesse’s jeans off. Gonna start stinging now!

Jesse Starr spanked on the couch while Tommy Anders looks away

Oh well. Might as well leave them to it. I’ve got more important things to do. (Though it is kinda hot seeing my best friend getting spanked like this!). Hang on, what’s Jeff saying – he thinks I deserve to be punished, too, as I didn’t stop Jesse getting into trouble earlier! No way. That’s not fair!

Jesse Starr and Tommy Anders over the couch getting the belt

And what about this? Not only is Jeff spanking us both, he’s also now using the belt on us. Ouch!

Closeup on Jesse Starr and Tommy Anders asses as they're being spanked with a belt

Yow. That’s gone really red. I’m not sure what I’ve done to deserve this. (Mind you, it is kinda turning me on a little…).

Tommy Anders and Jesse Starr red asses with Tommy annoyed

OK. Now that it’s all over, I’ll think of a way to get Jesse to pay me back for that humiliation. (Actually, I can’t wait – I’ve been dreaming up ways of being able to fool around with that tight twink ass of his. And now he certainly owes me a favor or two!).

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