Jocktober Jockstrap Spanking Celebration

A bubble butt turning red through being spanked in a jockstrap

Continuing the Jocktober theme – here’s some pics of hot jockstrap-clad asses being spanked. (Surely one of the most enjoyable things you can do with your underwear on!).

Chase Young kneeling down in a jockstrap being spanked with a wood paddle

Here’s classic porn star Chase Young kneeling down while Jeff Sterne spanks him with a series of paddles. The addition of the jockstrap obviously makes this an even hotter pic!

Bubble butt glowing red with a handmark

And a nice hand print on the glowing red cheek of this jockstrap-wearing bubble butt beauty. Looks like there might be a bruise or two in store as well!

Ethan Helms wearing a jockstrap lies down to be spanked with a wooden paddle

Here’s a great shot of Ethan Helms lying on the back of the sofa – in a jockstrap, of course! – getting his ass firmly spanked with a wood paddle.

White jockstrap wearing ass with wood paddle spanking it

Those Helix hotties sure love being spanked by wooden paddles – especially while wearing a jockstrap! Or maybe it’s more fun for the spanker than the spankee…?

Kody Knight standing up wearing a jockstrap being spanked by Max Carter

Here’s Kody Knight in a rare submissive role as he stands up to Max Carter’s firm hand. (The Andrew Christian jockstrap neatly framing his peachy ass as it turns pink).

2 twinks stand up - 1 wearing a jockstrap - being spanked by Jeff Sterne

And just to prove that Jeff Sterne probably does have the best job in the world – here he is spanking 2 standing twinks in his office. (One completely naked, one wearing a jock, in the spirit of Jocktober).

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