Tommy Anders Fucks Jesse Starr

Jesse Starr and Tommy Anders kissing

Classic twink pair Jesse Starr and Tommy Anders made a few scenes together. Here’s how one of them might have been described while performing a test of how well they work.

Tommy Anders kneeling in front of Jesse Starr, sucking his dick

First of all, let’s make sure that closet door opens fine. Yep, it sure does – mighty fine actually! So let’s start off by putting things through their paces with a taste test. Yum!

Jesse Starr kneeling in front of Tommy Anders, sucking his big dick

OK, now let’s switch things up a little. It’s always good to have a range of sizes on offer – and boy is the alternative bigger than the original! Everything certainly seems to be in working order here.

Jesse Starr lying backwards on the bed being fucked by Tommy Anders

And now on to the main event. Yep, that’s sure giving it a good workout to check for all eventualities. Definitely can go through a range of movements there, with a nice thrusting action and tight grip to keep things in place as they should be.

Close up shot of Tommy Anders' dick sliding into Jesse Starr's ass

Let’s take a closer look. Certainly this alternative sized tool is measuring up very nicely indeed. And let’s not forget to mention how well-packed everything is, too, with very little wiggle room once everything’s firmly in place – though certainly the piston motion is working just fine.

Jesse Starr has cum onto a stool while being fucked by Tommy Anders

One thing you should be wary of, if you get the larger tool firmly in place while the smaller tool is perched over a stool, there’s likely to be some leakage from the smaller tool. Nothing to worry about, just a natural reaction.

Tommy Anders has cum on himself and Jesse Starr's face

And finally, the big tool unleashes its pent up friction, covering its own taut chest as well as the face of the smaller implement in the kind of sticky fluid necessary to make this activity a success for all concerned. Passed with flying colors!

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