Unstoppable Top Meets Insatiable Bottom – Corbin Colby Fucks Marcell Tykes

Marcell Tykes sucking Corbin Colby's huge cock

Cutester Marcell Tykes takes on the gargantuan member belonging to Corbin Colby – and loves it! Here’s some pics and haiku style poetry describing the action.

Corbin Colby sucking Marcell Tykes's dick

Corbin sucks Marcell
– whose 6 pack abs are showing –
Head back with pleasure

Close up on Corbin Colby's huge dick being sucked by Marcell Tykes

Marcell sucks Corbin
Bit of a mouthful there is
As Corbin looks on

Marcell Tykes lies back while Corbin Colby rims his ass

Now Corbin rims ass
To ecstatic reaction
He’s good with his tongue

Marcell Tykes on Corbin Colby's dick in reverse cowboy position

Now the fucking starts
Marcell goes reverse cowboy
On Corbin’s big dick

Corbin Colby sideways fucks Marcell Tykes

A sideways fuck here
Marcell appreciating
Every hammer thrust

Marcell Tykes on his back being fucked by Corbin Colby's big dick

Marcell’s on his back
That muscular frame on show
As Corbin drives home

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